Do Corporate Taxes Have You Down?

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Hire the Best in Town!

Chapter 1-The hard work has paid off!

You know what it takes. You’ve worked hard to build your business. Day in, day out, for years you have been up early and stayed up late. You have worked diligently to ensure a top-notch customer experience. You know how you made it happen. You did and still continue to tool up your employees with the proper training and education on product and services. They know the industry because you mentored them along the way. They work daily to uphold the company’s corporate standards for excellence. You also treat your team how they deserve to be treated, with a lot of earned respect. That has grown their personal self-motivation in taking pride in what they contribute on the job.

Retention is up and frowns are down around the “shop.” A family-owned business for 129 years, you want to keep it and its heritage in the family and going strong.  Looking around the “shop,” some are just out of school and “starting out” in the big world, all on their own. Others have been there for decades. You feel good about where you are with everything and notice that they seem to feel good as well. They don’t want to leave the company. They are family to you, and it is reciprocal between all.  

It’s 2021 and your products and services are selling as your team keeps refining and creating the new vision for the future.  Many say your company is the Best in Town.

Chapter 2-You have been thinking these days…

You are the inventor and artist creating the vision. But when corporate taxes are around the corner and take a step up on your to-do list, the doldrums come rolling your way. It’s not your thing. Then you have to consider weekly payroll? You suddenly wake from what started as a good dream. 

You see an ad in the local paper for Southern Payroll and Benefits out of Chattanooga, TN. Wow! You are in the same town. Great! Your interest is piqued.  You look online and per your investigations find out they are a
Five-Star standout in the area!!!

The Best in Town!

You think, “they could be the ones to take all those doldrums away by removing any corporate tax worries.”  After all, it is weighing you down.  Continuing to investigate you are sure that they are The Best in Town!

You call and after a few consultations with their team of solution minded experts, it is clear you are not hiring just any company.  You are hiring The Southern Payroll and Benefits Reputation, their product and services, but most importantly, the people. That is what stands out and makes it so easy to do. The rest is history.  Now you can sleep like a baby and dream of where the future will take you, the company, and its family.

Southern Payroll & Benefits

So, you don’t own a company that is huge or traded on the stock exchange. No worries. Let’s follow the facts.  Small and middle-sized businesses built the backbone of the country. And, as in the past, should endure and thrive in the future.

We, Southern Payroll and Benefits, hail from the great town of Chattanooga in Tennessee. Our town follows in the same footsteps as our predecessors when they were creating what would become a deep and vibrant national economy.

A whopping ninety-three percent of businesses in the area have between 1 and 49 employees.

That is why we at Southern Payroll & Benefits opened our doors.  Our vision was to provide tax, payroll, and benefits to the companies that have made this nation strong.

Southern Payroll & Benefits is the perfect solution to take care of any corporate tax needs. We invite you to take a look at our innovative technology that makes getting your “money stuff” done! We’re positive our Gusto Technology will blow you away.

It is Accurate, Seamless, and Fast!

We are proud of what we offer and think and hear, “Southern Payroll and Benefits” is the Best in Town.  Let us prove it to you. Call us today and let’s start a relationship that should last and endure for years to come.

Southern Payroll and Benefits
4159 Ringgold Rd. #207
Chattanooga, TN 37412
Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Do Corporate Taxes Have You Down?