#TuesdayTips: The Importance of Tracking Your Mileage

Did You Know

Do you or any of your employees use a vehicle owned by your company? Mileage as well as additional auto-related expenses such as gas, oil, maintenance, repairs, tires, registration fees, and more can be considered when filing your business taxes. Paying attention to detail and taking time to track mileage is more important than you think!

Depending on how your business is filing taxes, mileage write offs or depreciation may be an option for you. If you need help with filing your business or personal taxes from this year, we would be more than happy to lend a hand!

Using the QuickBooks Mobile App as well as your QuickBooks account in general, you can track your mileage for each vehicle that is in use for the business. QuickBooks tracks each of these transactions and our tax consultants can generate a report at the end of the year to help you get the biggest refund allowed!

QuickBooks Mileage Tracker
Track your employees mileage using the QuickBooks mobile app!

#TuesdayTips: The Importance of Tracking Your Mileage