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Southern Payroll & Bookkeeping -- Who We Are

We believe small businesses have been greatly overlooked…treated as a number, not a name.

With that belief, Southern Payroll & Bookkeeping was founded. We have partnered with the industry-leader for payroll and human resources management, Gusto. We offer a simple, transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees or charges.  Southern Payroll & Bookkeeping also believes in giving back. We have pledged to give back 2% of our proceeds and provide ways for each company and their employees to do so, as well.

The knowledge and experience you need to streamline your business.

Start a Business

Before Day 1

  • Coming up with a name
  • Coming up with a logo
  • Choosing an entity type
    • LLC or S-Corp
  • Registering your business with the secretary of State
  • Applying for an employer Identification number (EIN)
  • Obtaining Business Insurance
  • Hiring Employees
    • Determine Wages, pay-frequency, classify the employee or contractor, collect all legally required HR paperwork

Day 1

  • Bookkeeping Systems Defined
    • Internal and/or Outsourced to SPB
  • Employees clocking in/out if not salary
  • Start Accepting Payments from customers/clients

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Between Day 5 and Day 30

  • Run your first payroll and make all applicable payroll tax payments to the State & Federal  Government.

After Q1

  • File Quarterly Federal Tax Return and Report of Tax Liability form 941
  • Repeat Ever Quarter

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personal tax filings

End of Year 1

  • File Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return
  • File Mult-State Employer and Credit Reduction Information for 940
  • File Qualified Small Business Payroll Tax Credit for Increasing Research Activities if Applicable
  • Deliver w2's and 1099's to employees  and contractors.   
  • Repeat these tax filings every year.

Year 2

  • Roll our supplemental insurance or other fringe benefits to employees.  

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Health Insurance

Year 5

  • Begin offering traditional Med/Dental/Vision Benefits.

Southern Payroll & Bookkeeping

“When you lose a client, it is rarely because your competitor’s product/service has a few extra bells and whistles. It is rarely because your competitor is a couple of dollars a month cheaper. It is rarely because of that amazing promo that the salesperson offered. In almost all instances, you lose a client because they feel neglected. Southern Payroll & Bookkeeping won’t be touched from a customer-service standpoint, and we refuse to be outworked by anyone in the industry.”

George Wilson



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Superior Customer Service and Response Time

Based on 30 reviews
Sarah Erlinger
Sarah Erlinger
Not all hero’s wear capes and the people who work here are IT! I have done business with Southern Payroll for several years now and have nothing but fine things to say about the different teams here. They have taken excellent care of my business and I will continue to use them for years to come. They work hard for me to make my life easier and I greatly appreciate them!
Adam Johnston
Adam Johnston
Great people. Great service. Always very attentive and prompt. Would recommend to anyone needing payroll services in and around Chattanooga.
Renew Exterior
Renew Exterior
I believe we have used every service SPB has to offer. We have used them for Payroll, Taxes, Bookkeeping and general HR questions. I truly believe our small business would not be in a compliant status without them! Jennifer helped us with our payroll although the entire team was there to quickly answer any questions we had at the last minute. Amy did our bookkeeping and was always open to any changes we needed and got back to us within a day of when we reached out. Debbie with the tax team got us the largest tax return we have ever seen and was a joy to work with!!!!! George personally answers any questions we have really fast even when we tell him he doesn't need to look into it till later because it is 7:00 pm on a Friday night. GREAT Company. Amazing People. Very Helpful, Professional, and Friendly.
Joseph Doman
Joseph Doman
Staff is very supportive and helpful for very busy new business owners. Awesome to interact with a team that takes care of so much so I can focus on my massive never ending to do list.
Rebecca Dennison
Rebecca Dennison
I just can't say enough about everyone at Southern Payroll and Benefits! Their services and customer service are top notch! I recommend them every chance I get :)
Brent Lewis
Brent Lewis
George, Charlene and David and everyone else who works there has been amazing. Every question I ask is answered immediately. They are the best and I recommend them to everyone.
Dave Aitken
Dave Aitken
George and his team are top class. They have given me and my business the attention that I need. They are thorough, smart and they communicate with you when you need it. I highly recommend these guys.
Jeremy Martin
Jeremy Martin
George is Very Professional! I would highly recommend Southern Payroll & Benefits.
Penny Norris
Penny Norris
George Wilson goes out of his way to help the small businesses as if they were million dollar companies. Can't beat his service and knowledge!

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