Payroll & HR

For growing companies, payroll services are among the most stressful responsibility. As the source of your employees’ livelihood, Payroll must be entered accurately, and this time-consuming process can eat into other tasks that are necessary for a business to run successfully. A third-party payroll provider offers a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Our Payroll & HR Team is here to make your transition to Gusto as smooth and seamless as possible. Our team of experts will fully implement and train your staff to ensure that payroll is run efficiently. Not only that – they will remain available for any ongoing Payroll, Human Resource, and Gusto-related inquiries.

We pride ourselves on our customer-service.  Payroll can be complex and when our clients reach out for assistance, we are here to help, with a guaranteed one business day callback policy. Our role is to simplify your company’s Payroll and HR practices, saving you time and money!


Here's How SPB Can Help...

1. Cost Effective Option

Hiring an in-house employee to run your payroll and handle HR duties can be a costly undertaking. They are another employee that you have to provide with salary, benefits, etc. Not only that, any mistakes or compliance errors could turn into a multi-thousand dollar issue. Outsourcing Payroll/HR services to SPB puts the task and any associated liabilities in the hands of experts for a fraction of the price. They will have the technology and skill to do the job right, while you don’t have to invest in additional human capital.

2. Time-Saving Services

As any small business owner knows, the day-to-day of entrepreneurship requires wearing a lot of hats to keep your company running. With the likes of payroll, the process can be time-consuming to insure it’s done correctly, and it can eat into other valuable pursuits for your business. A third-party provider takes the stress out of this essential aspect of your company, thus allowing you to focus on delivering the best product and services possible to your customer.

3. Expert-Led Team

When you turn your payroll services over to a third-party provider, you receive professional support, helpful technology, and experienced professionals at your disposal. Everything from paying salaries, managing compliance, remitting payroll taxes, maintaining payroll software, and generating reports are in the hands of a company whose sole job is to provide these services to you.