Katie Landers, Brock Insurance Agency


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Benefits Specialist

To be a leader in today’s economy, employers are charged more than ever with providing a benefits package that is fair and valuable for their team members while providing a defined, workable plan for the business itself. 

At BIA, we help our clients develop benefits programs that make a competitive difference for their company while also making a difference in the lives of their employees. We provide the benefits solutions, insight and support that help you create optimal value for your business, and work with you to design a benefits and communication strategy that can recruit and retain the best employees possible. 

From cost to compliance, our benefits team can provide a full range of services for your organization from creating a tailored plan design to an ongoing compliance department.

Submit a form at https://southernpb.com/large-business-healthcare to speak with Katie if you have any questions.

Katie Landers, Brock Insurance Agency

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