How To Migrate Your Payroll Taxes

How To Do Your Payroll Taxes

All components of business are important to its success.  It is not only the product and service but what goes on behind the scenes.  Of course, you may immediately think of proper amount of inventory, branding, and what kind of marketing you want to employ, and let’s not ignore the rude reality of TAXES! Aaargh.

Well, let’s tackle that subject head on and take the pain from your brain.  Today, we will discuss how to migrate your payroll taxes.  Welcome again to another blog from Southern Payroll & Benefits.

Having employees means you are either enjoying success with your business or you are hanging your shingle and opening your doors for an exciting grand opening.  Whatever the case we want to encourage you to consider us when filing those weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or annual payments.  We have discussed in previous blogs the benefits of outsourcing payroll instead of “doing it yourself.” 

To recap: Filing payroll yourself can be complex and time consuming.  Also, outsourcing payroll provides you extra safety with the IRS and your local Department of Revenue.  Any payroll tax mistakes can be extremely costly.  That is why at we at Southern Payroll & Benefits want to ease your mind, take away the struggle, and get you back to revenue generating processes.

We have an expert team that can lead you when getting your payroll taxes done.  Upon our first meeting we will introduce you to our super powerful gusto platform, where you can enter all essential information in minutes virtually (from a smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) and away you go. Payroll is done and all of the taxes are easily calculated and sent off to the IRS and your local Department of Revenue.

We at Southern Payroll & Benefits are so certain that you will be happy with Gusto and our team, that we offer 1 month free payroll just to try it out. 
How can anyone refuse that?!?!?!

A few things to get started with your migration. 
It really is amazingly simple.

1) Get this information from the IRS:

Legal Name
Legal Address

2) Register with all State Agencies (if you are a brand-new business and don’t already have State License/Withholding Numbers, our team will hold your hand through that process)

3) All employees will be electronically sent:

Form I-9 or Form W-4

Direct Deposit Authorization

4) Pick your desired Payroll Schedule

5) New hire report(s) will be automatically sent to the State if applicable

Our team is here to answer any questions, set you up with that one-month trial, get you familiar with our cool gusto platform, and help you while you get on your feet.  It will be a breath of fresh air and give you time to spare so you can get back to the fun of building your business. 

Call us today or logon to Southern Payroll & Benefits.  The lights are on and our Online expert will be there to say “hello.”

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How To Migrate Your Payroll Taxes