#TuesdayTips – Gusto’s 1099 Solutions for Compliance

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With the rise of digital payment platforms like Cash App and Venmo, businesses are increasingly conducting transactions through these channels. While these platforms offer quick and convenient payments, they also require careful monitoring for 1099 reporting purposes.

The IRS now mandates businesses to report payments made through third-party networks, including digital payment platforms, on their 1099 forms. This broadens the reporting scope to include transactions processed via Cash App, Venmo, or similar platforms, provided they meet the reporting thresholds.

Digital payment platforms facilitate various transactions beyond traditional business payments, such as peer-to-peer transfers and personal expenses. It’s crucial for businesses to accurately track and differentiate between business-related and personal payments to ensure compliance with 1099 reporting requirements.

Failing to report payments conducted through Cash App, Venmo, or other digital platforms can expose businesses to compliance risks and penalties. Establishing robust systems for tracking these transactions is essential to ensure accurate reporting on 1099 forms and mitigate potential compliance issues.

Gusto offers comprehensive payroll solutions that include handling 1099 payments to contractors. By using Gusto for payroll, businesses can ensure accurate categorization and reporting of 1099 payments, helping them maintain compliance with IRS regulations and avoid potential penalties.

#TuesdayTips – Gusto’s 1099 Solutions for Compliance