#TuesdayTips: 7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Payroll is Extremely Beneficial


Are you looking to save money and time when it comes to your business? Well, outsourcing your payroll will definitely help you out. Not having to spend hours upon hours doing administrative work can give you more time to spend on growth!

Here are 7 reasons why you should think about outsourcing for your payroll…

  1. Minimize Errors
    • We use systems that automate many of the number and labor intensive ingredients of payroll. This reduces common mistakes that are results of manual calculations and data.
  2. Save time
    • This one is pretty self explanatory.. but we know that running your payroll in-house can be pretty time consuming, and, well, you deserve to spend your time at work how you find most productive.
  3. Security
    • When you hire a trustworthy and reputable company like SPB to run your payroll, you and your employees data are always on redundant back-up, which provides a safeguard of confidentiality.
  4. Reduce Costs
    • Yes, you will have to pay to have your payroll taken care of, but when you look at the cost to outsource versus the cost of penalties and fines from mistakes, choosing to outsource your payroll may actually end up saving you money.
  5. Maintaining Compliance
    • We make sure to keep an eye on the changing government regulations so that you don’t have to. Payroll providers will often take lead and reach out if paperwork needs to be filed when necessary for compliance!
  6. Employee Ease & Self Service
    • Hiring a full-service payroll company makes it easy for employees to view all information when it comes to pay. We use Gusto, which also has an easy to use wallet app where employees can view their paystubs, log their hours, and manage their withholdings from their phones. Easy as pie!
    • Accessible Client Support
      • Here at SPB, we are here for you when you have questions or concerns. With our 1 business day reply policy, you’ll never have to wonder if you’ll actually be a priority. Southern Payroll & Bookkeeping values their clients and all the questions that they have!
    The Gusto Wallet app makes it easy for employees to review paystubs, clock-in, and even request time off! Hmm.. maybe outsourcing will be beneficial!

    If you are interested in working with Southern Payroll and Bookkeeping, reach out to us here.

    #TuesdayTips: 7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Payroll is Extremely Beneficial