For those of you that are new to Payroll, the Gusto software that we offer and use at SPB makes it easy to onboard your new employees. To help you understand just how easy it is, our Payroll team has put together a quick tip to show you the process. To onboard employees through Gusto:

  1. Sign into your Gusto Admin Account.
  2. Go to the People section and select Team members.
  3. Click the green bar on the right side of screen that says, Add a team member.
  4. Find the Employee tile and click Add.
  5. Enter your new team member’s basic information:
    • Full name
    • Start date 
    • Department (if applicable)
    • Manager (if applicable)
    • Work address
  6. Add their compensation information:
    • Job title (choose from your existing set of jobs or create a new one) 
    • Employee type (salary, hourly, etc)
    • Compensation (pay rate)
    • Employment status (this is for benefits eligibility, if you offer benefits with Gusto)
    • Any special tax exemption status (if applicable). 7) Click Add employee.

From there, you will be taken to the Onboarding team members tab. Find the new employee’s name and click the action menu to begin their onboarding and add them to payroll.

After you add your new employee to payroll, Gusto will email them an invitation to set up their account and complete their onboarding tasks. You also have the option to add them to PTO, Sick, and/or Holiday pay policies, if applicable. If you offer benefits with Gusto, they will be automatically invited to enroll in benefits once their new hire waiting period is complete.

When the employee has finished their onboarding, you will receive an email notification to review their profile to be sure it is complete. 

Now, you’re ready to run their payroll!