#TuesdayTips: 4 HR Tips to Create a Positive Workplace

4 HR Tips for Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

Whether you just started your own small business or you have been up and running for years now, it is very important to have an HR strategy in place. The role that the Human Resources department plays has changed a lot over the years and has now evolved into a role not only responsible for scouting and on-boarding new talent, but also making sure that there is a positive workplace, culture, and environment for your employees.

We believe that people who work for small businesses should know that they are valued and feel taken care of. Small businesses are the backbone of our country, and we love that their employees are a name, not a number. If you want to make sure that your employees know their worth, these 4 tips will definitely help you create the workplace of your dreams.

1. Employee Engagement

Keeping your employees engaged is vital for your businesses success. Making sure that your employees stay happy, incorporate fun into your HR strategy. Some ideas to do this are:

Incentives. These can be financial or non-financial, such as rewards and recognition. This will give your employees something to work towards, as well as reinforce good attitudes.

Employee Surveys. Sending out a survey for your employees to submit anonymously can both let them know that they are heard and known, as well as give you, their employer, some insight onto how they are feeling about your company culture and environment.

Games. Achievement tracking and some friendly, peer competition is a great way to keep your employees engaged.

2. Career Advancement

As you probably know, your businesses most important investment is your employees. Setting an advancement program into place gives employees a chance to progress and grow both personally and professionally.

This will also help to nurture talent within your organization, which reduces the time and money spent while hiring outside employees.

3. Legal Requirements

When you are on-boarding a new employee, it is always important to fulfill all legal requirements set by the IRS. This will not only protect the employee, but it will also ensure that your business stays protected.

To read more about the IRS rules and regulations for hiring employees, visit their website here.

4. Your Corporate Image

When running your own business, it is important to maintain a strong and positive corporate image. This can help attract top talent to join your team.

Remember to keep these questions in mind:

How is my company reflected on social media?

Does your company branding reflect its culture and enviroment?

Does your staff have access to everything that they need to succeed?

We know you care about your employees, and we want your small business to succeed. If you have any more questions about HR or you would like to speak to one of our HR professionals, visit our website here.

#TuesdayTips: 4 HR Tips to Create a Positive Workplace