#TuesdayTips – 3 Reasons to Clearly Schedule Paid Time Off


Most likely, your company offers paid holidays as one of its perks. Many of your employees may also schedule time off during this time of year because of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays that are right around the corner. For those employees, paid time off (PTO) was likely approved weeks or even months in advance. However, this time of year finds many families dealing with the flu and various respiratory-related illnesses, never mind that Covid is still an ongoing annoyance. Time off may be necessary for those employees, whether for themselves or to take time off to care for loved ones.

For all those reasons, it is beneficial to have your PTO policy available. With the Gusto software platform, it is easy to set that up so that those who need it can take the time off when it is needed most.

For holiday pay, your Administrator will log in to Gusto and select “Time Tools” on the left-hand menu. Next, they will click “Time Off”, then select the Holiday Pay box in the middle of their screen and choose the holidays that the company offers to pay employees for the year.

When employees need to request time off though, whether for vacation time or illness, the process is just as easy. They will log into the Gusto Wallet app on their phones and tap “Time Off” on the main screen, then tap on “Request Time Off”.  They will be prompted to give a type of leave requested, the date(s) needed, and how many hours needed for the date(s) provided. Employees can also leave a note to say, for example, that their child is sick or has a doctor appointment. Once submitted, their request can be approved or denied just as easily by the company Administrator.

Regardless of why the PTO is being used, the process of requesting, approving, and recording it for payroll is super easy and quick. Of course, if you ever have questions or need our help maintaining your company’s payroll process, we are only a phone call away!

#TuesdayTips – 3 Reasons to Clearly Schedule Paid Time Off